Dog Foods

Here is a selection of articles, published in the Denver Dogs Examiner, compiled by the pet supply company Zeus:

Hate reading anything but pee-mail? Just one! :

An article on vegan dogs, includes notes by our vet, Dr. May:

Discover how tragic and ironic and true it is, what has been said jokingly for years, "dogs love cat food because there are real cats in there!"

A short, very important message, please view "What Happens To Unwanted Dogs & Cats" 
("Graphic Content Warning")

Want to be adventurous in the kitchen for the dog? Such a selection of recipes!

Of European origin and an excellent resource, no matter where is home:
Wish I had known Iams & Eukanuba are rated dead-last!!!

Except for the meat bits, here's a nice slideshow with good captions:

Supplemental feeding only!--see these awesome, hand-made, organic, vegan dog treats!

Thank you for considering how important it is--the care and attention we give the animals who are ... in our power and at our mercy. You may have digested some big chunks of truth about a seemingly innocent topic. We hope you are inspired and encouraged to make the changes that will help you ALL enjoy longer, happier, healthier lives.

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