We will have a professional look at it, although on the phone she was talking about cancer, we will visit anyway. She doesn't have cancer, she had an infected toe, I just don't know what to do about it....
Ibuprofen kills dogs, but aspirin is fine, right? Maybe hydrogen peroxide is lethal, but witch hazel works wonders... Do *you* know?

It Stayed On!

Surprise surprise, some ten hours.

Birds Chirp

It is a beautiful day, sorta cool but full of sunshine and hope.


I came home to my dog asleep in my bed. Yay!

Sleeping bag

This morning

Nothing posted like all day!

This Evening

She didn't want to move at all.


This afternoon...


She quivers completely now when I look at this, try to dress it. As totally broke as I am, we are visiting the vet again tomorrow. On the phone she's talking about cancer but I'm thinking about the progression--it was just a little wound, not that long ago.....


She let me pick her up & put her in my bed.  Snoozing with Moo is pure bliss!


My little sweetie's baby toe....




German for Inkspot. Rescue from breeder.

Is it time?

Little Toe

I wish I knew what to do about this! Hannah's shoes are on loan to us--today Moo wore one of them, over a band aid with ointment. Last night I put a little hydrogen peroxide on it-just a little-and it bubbled ferociously. Yesterday she had just worn a bootie, no salve, after half a day with a medical tape/gauze construction I created. She wore that out in one walk!
If you have any suggestions about what to do for this, please send email via the link on the profile ("about me") page. MANY THANKS!



Photocopies with Andrea.

Pets in the Office

Bring your companion to work day!

The Cult

There's a "Revolution"
I can hear J. Krishnamurti talking about "a crisis of consciousness" ....



Wild dog in a van.

Ken's Pups

Mattie's due for a cute little haircut like these two!


at "Creekside," which is Californian for "acerca de la acequia," which is New Mexican for "by the ditch."
I think North Carolina was the last place where such a name indicated proximity to a natural body of flowing water instead of a man made diversion channel. Although, possibly in Colorado I missed a sign, while drinking in the beauty of an honest creek....



If I ever have a chance to do something fun with a little kid & my dog, I think we will brush her tail into this sort of arrangement. Damn good time to discuss and observe the sentience of a non-human animal!

Drive By

The Zoo

With wild animals, too.


New Carpet





Matte, Tommy, Hannah and unnamed lizard....

Comfy Cone

I'm not sure SHE feels that way about it.

Oh my Sweetie


We are so grateful for the loving attention of Dr. Keng at Irvine Vet Services at University Park Plaza.

Hey Moo!


Whose bed?!

Whoever got there first, huh?

Awesome Lisa

So this afternoon a lady offered a few small area rugs on freecycle.org; I called to ask for the one largest one. Since I had to leave a message anyway, I explained how I'm renting a room with a hard wood floor--my elderly dog has a hard time standing up after she lays down anywhere besides her bed. (Or mine, as you probably recognize, though I didn't mention to her how I sleep on the floor, too.:))
Lisa had all four little rugs by the door when I arrived; she also offered me the others. Thanking her very much, I declined & explained that the other rugs-without rubber backing-would probably be the same as the towels I'd laid out; they'd slide around & exacerbate my dog's disturbance....
About the time the dog & I got to the Laguna Niguel dog park, the wonderful lady called me back, offering us a large scrap from the installed, wall-to-wall kind. It is practically perfect! Tonight I felt confident that my sweetheart was safe, home "alone," &that there were no challenges she could not face, if she was locked into our room.
Thank you lovely lady on freecycle!!!