"It's OK; work it out: a little bit, little bit--everyday, everyday, everyday."

Let us see!


Right Hindquarters

Well, on her paw pad the beige area is sorta that weird extended scab-type surface-it's changed color and spread to nearly completely covering her... toe(?).
I don't know what it means but I am painfully considering what an inadequate caregiver I qualify as....  The day I saw it was -apparently!- on the mend is the last day I looked at it, believing a wound doesn't heal the same way a pot doesn't boil. My thinking was flawed, obviously, as this looks even more serious than originally, particularly after a few days of medication!
Dogs should come with books. I understand why "kids" don't, but seems like basic dog care should be simple enough to fit into a few pocket-sized volumes. (I'm guessing one each for puppies, adults, senior citizens, emergencies.) Maybe if I'd rescued her from a real shelter she would've come with literature?
I'm feeling fairly overwhelmed with frustration and hopelessness. I wish I'd have asked Dr. May about squeezing us in during our super quick San Diego visit this weekend. <Sigh>
She is snoring now-uber cute!-so I should try to relax, eh? Good night, angels on your pillows!


Vista Point


Our resident feline friend has a home, but there are waaaay too many kitties on the streets.
If you care, please check out the awesome Teal Cat Project.

More Water


Which I put on her not so much to keep the rain off her back-it's not really raining much-but to prevent the water and mud from soaking her belly. :)

Joy, ThankYou

We must return to San Diego for one last blog entry at your beautiful All Vegan store-before the closing-where we always met so many wonderful people, felt so safe and made such fond memories! It is sad the community isn't strong enough to support the important work you've done there, yet you have another awesome adventure in animal advocacy ahead of you! We hope to be a part of that, also, somehow. Love always, Mattie (& grace)
PS Thanks for the amazing kisses that you sent--even better than the delicious cookies you always give me!



Evolution Diet kibble and Dr Harvey's Veg to Bowl with a little Pet Kelp supplement sprinkled onto it. :)

Hannah Banana


Thank you.

Better, Yes?

It cost a chunk of change but I dropped by a local vet and talked about her foot pad hole & skin disorder. The old guy said maybe the Santa Ana brought up in her an allergic reaction--that doesn't account for the little wound getting large but with the OTHER skin funk growing, I get the compromised immune system & lack of healing. I mean, really, "Great dog. She could have stepped on anything!" One shot &2 days' antibiotics, I'm NOW kicking myself I didn't get her !totally! examined for the fee I paid to be seen in a new clinic.....


ProBio "flavor" is imported from Italy and available from ecodogsandcats.com



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and create no sorrow. ...
I don't want to reason anymore about the one I love" Trevor Hall