Right Hindquarters

Well, on her paw pad the beige area is sorta that weird extended scab-type surface-it's changed color and spread to nearly completely covering her... toe(?).
I don't know what it means but I am painfully considering what an inadequate caregiver I qualify as....  The day I saw it was -apparently!- on the mend is the last day I looked at it, believing a wound doesn't heal the same way a pot doesn't boil. My thinking was flawed, obviously, as this looks even more serious than originally, particularly after a few days of medication!
Dogs should come with books. I understand why "kids" don't, but seems like basic dog care should be simple enough to fit into a few pocket-sized volumes. (I'm guessing one each for puppies, adults, senior citizens, emergencies.) Maybe if I'd rescued her from a real shelter she would've come with literature?
I'm feeling fairly overwhelmed with frustration and hopelessness. I wish I'd have asked Dr. May about squeezing us in during our super quick San Diego visit this weekend. <Sigh>
She is snoring now-uber cute!-so I should try to relax, eh? Good night, angels on your pillows!