Awesome Lisa

So this afternoon a lady offered a few small area rugs on freecycle.org; I called to ask for the one largest one. Since I had to leave a message anyway, I explained how I'm renting a room with a hard wood floor--my elderly dog has a hard time standing up after she lays down anywhere besides her bed. (Or mine, as you probably recognize, though I didn't mention to her how I sleep on the floor, too.:))
Lisa had all four little rugs by the door when I arrived; she also offered me the others. Thanking her very much, I declined & explained that the other rugs-without rubber backing-would probably be the same as the towels I'd laid out; they'd slide around & exacerbate my dog's disturbance....
About the time the dog & I got to the Laguna Niguel dog park, the wonderful lady called me back, offering us a large scrap from the installed, wall-to-wall kind. It is practically perfect! Tonight I felt confident that my sweetheart was safe, home "alone," &that there were no challenges she could not face, if she was locked into our room.
Thank you lovely lady on freecycle!!!