Whatever we cause the animals to suffer, eventually causes us to suffer. We deny them familial and social relations, we humans have broken homes and violent societies; they are forced to live in toxic situations, our world is polluted; we thwart their fundamental purposes and humanity struggles with the meaninglessness of life. Listening to John Perkins, i was inspired by his conviction: Making the world a better place is the only thing worthy of our energy. He said if we each apply our passion &our talent to making the world a better place, it will take practically no time for Earth to be full of love & justice; we are all so immensely powerful! Please, go vegan if you are not yet, and become a vegan educator if you are already vegan. That 'lifestyle which seeks to exclude animal use' IS the simplest way to reduce our contributions to violence and pollution. The well-documented
personal health benefits are the reward for our honesty & self-discipline to be vegan. =)