Just got a call

From him who is watching the Moo.... He told me some surprising things: She "hasn't died on my watch"
The shoe does not fit?!? She in the yard under the bushes?!? The used socks are really stinky?!? She only has one pain pill left?!?
I feel like going to the airport now, so I don't miss my flight--unable to trust her who said she would get me there on time. I need not be anxious over anything, yet my heart is in my throat and tears spring from my eyes. Compassion, please, compassion. Mercy! The more I want it, the more sharply I feel how & when I do fail to GIVE it.
My favorite definition of "sober" is "characterized by thoughtful consideration of others." My favorite definition of "integrity" is "honest to such a degree that one is incapable of being false to a pledge or promise." I do NOT feel that I have exhibited these attributes in relation to my dog this weekend. OUCH!