Good Morning

Last night I filled the tub with an inch of warm water and gave the dog a helicopter ride into it. She shivered and was unhappy, but it only lasted a minute or two: a bottom bath for the baby. :) Standing at the door--definitely ready to leave--she made those contented dog noises as I dried her. At "bedtime" she didn't fuss when I laid my sleeping bag beside her pad, she let her paw stay firmly on my palm; I feel asleep holding my baby's hand.
This morning her wounds had fuzz and fur in them, I started to peel it out and she pulled her foot away. I said "to hell with it" then slathered on some ointment, wrapped it in a handkerchief and shoved on a shoe. Standing in the hall she did that uber cute puppy hop action and flipping around to head to the stairwell, "lets go!" , she smacked her face on the bathroom door jamb. :( We have had a nice little walk in the park. I got some serenity in a moment of walking meditation, just one breath of real presence in the moment.....