The areas under her toe and between her toes are MUCH more sensitive than these ugly things on the pad. I'm SO sad that NONE of the three vets who saw her initial toe trouble gave me enough direction to prevent this getting where it is now. WHAT it is now, remains to be seen--but if you saw her quivering and twitching & kicking you would have some idea how I feel, nearly afraid she's going to come up and bite me!
It made me cry so hard Matte got up half way and licked tears from my face. Poor sweetheart, I'm boo-hoo-ing what an awful guardian I am and she licks my face to comfort me. Or, maybe not-- perhaps it was an easy way to finish the dog-watering I interrupted, practically self-service style, only a fraction of the expenditure that a "normal" drink (walking ove to bowl) requires.
Don't drink the salt water, Mattie!