"She will tell you when it is time [to be put to sleep]" is another recurring theme in response to my anguish regarding the care of my beloved. I wonder if I even know how to listen!
Some say "when they don't want to eat anymore;" but now she's on a drug with "appetite stimulation" as a side effect. Unfortunately, it increases thirst and also exacerbates urinary incontinence, which maybe the little sweetie had a *touch* of before. Now she lays in big puddles.

Even outside, on the sidewalk, this morning as I asked a dog-experienced neighbor about elderly canines. (My question, precisely, was "do you think they really WANT to grow old, arthritic and in ill health? Or do they want compassion--to be put to sleep before becoming decrepit?" Of course, then--as now--tears are streaming down my face.) I remember well the discomfort of waking up in a cold spot, is it nearly as unhappy for her? Should I buy some dog diapers? Absorption pads for her to lay on? She is trying to lick herself (clean?) but her legs don't go that high anymore, nor does her spine bend quite so far. Good God! I would do laundry every day to wash up after her but seeing her struggle: is she unhappy?

Duck this is hard. She's not eating, even on the steroids, this awesome canned food I scored today. I'm just going to go "cuddle my puppy" and breathe deeply. I am NEVER doing this "dog guardianship" again. EVER. She will be my first, last and only dog!